Bangkok Thailand Trip


Last July 2016, we decided to celebrate our birthday in Thailand since this is just near from Singapore (travel time is 2.5 hrs) and considering that the plane ticket is cheap (about S$ 180 per head).

Accomodation – 2,800 THB or about S$ 110 for 2 nights

We stayed at “Take A Nap Hotel“. The good thing about this hotel is that it is near Si Lom and Sam Yan Mrt station. The room is big and cheap as well considering there’s only 2 of us occupying it. There are 2 single beds and 1 queen sized bed.

Temple of Reclining Buddha – 100 THB or almost S$4

Inside Wat Pho, you’ll see the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. But before entering, you must wear conservative clothes, else, you won’t be allowed to go in. This place is near the ferry station and it is just near the Grand Palace.

But don’t just leave yet after visiting the Reclining Buddha. Behind, there is a massage area for you to try.

Khao San Road

This place is a must visit if you are looking for some exotic and local street foods. This place also has several stalls that sell souvenirs.

sticky mango rice


Chatuchak Market

Probably the biggest market in Thailand, this place has a lot of things to buy from food to clothes to handicrafts to bags. Chatuchak is near 2 mrt lines (BTS and underground train). The only downside in this area is that the place is so hot and so crowded.


Had the experience of watching the “Pingpong” show.

A guy approached and followed me and my wife. He initially quoted us 300 Baht per person and managed to lower to 150 each as we told them we will just buy coke and watch. He then led us to the place (on the second floor). We even gave him tip for lowering the cost. When we sat, the lady started performing and after that she asked us for a can of coke in which we said yes. Then a lady asked us to write a name (which the lady wrote also using her ******). Then she asked us for another can of coke. Both these “acts” were charged plus the 2 sodas that we had including watching the show. After 5 minutes a tough looking lady approached us and asked us to pay 1900 baht(or S$78)! She also said the guy who brought us is not connected to them. I didn’t argue since we are foreigners so we paid and left.

Not recommended if you want to see that show or even the night market. Take it from us. Better go to Chatuchak or Khao San Road. It’s much better.


These photos were taken a day after that incident.

The Grand Palace

This is a good place to see if you want to take photos however, the entrance and exit points are the same with only a partition so going in and out is a challenge. There is only one entrance and that is not facing Wat Pho. It’s in the opposite side. Expect this to be crowded and hot when you visit the area.


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  1. Be careful of some taxi drivers. When we asked the taxi driver to bring us to the nearest ferry station in order to get to the Grand Palace, he purposely drove past the area in order to get more money from the meter fare. His reason is that he is not familiar. The next day, we took another taxi, this time the driver brought us to a different ferry station – the one that offers expensive ferry trips.
  2. Never ever talk to those people standing near the Patpong entrance. They will entice you to watch the pingpong show and try to offer you as cheap as possible. It’s a no-no.