Cambodia Trip

Last August 2016, we were trying to find out where to go next and we were torn between going to Vietnam and Cambodia but upon checking that the air ticket was cheap, we decided to go to Phnom Penh.

Be prepared to have USD when you travel to Cambodia as almost all of them accept this currency over Cambodian Riels.

Below are some of the details of our travel which you might find useful.

Air ticket for 2 – S$ 427.84 (Php 15,188.32) – no check-in, via Jetstar

Hotel- Mito Hotel – 2 nights – S$75.18 (Php 2,668.89)


1. Staff is courteous and friendly.
2. They will even give you welcome drinks and bring your luggage to your room.
3. Before leaving the hotel, they will keep reminding you to take care of your belongings as it might get snatched.
4. The room is cozy.
5. Free breakfast is delicious.
6. Inside the hotel, you’ll find a massage parlor (Happy Foot massage) and restaurant (M cafe).
7. Outside there are tuktuks… just negotiate the price with the driver.
8. They have a taxi pick up service (15 USD)
9. The location is near Central market and Royal Palace

Royal Palace

The Palace is not as big as the one that they have in Thailand but place is not crowded. Just be careful before you enter, some tuktuk drivers will tell you that the palace is closed and instead they will offer you to go somewhere else, of course by riding their tuktuk. Good thing we had our coffee first near the palace area, and after that we tried to find the main entrance. It is not closed after all.
Tuol Seng Genocide Museum


This is a great place for you to visit if you want to know the history of the S21 and Khmer Rouge. I would suggest that you take the audio tour so that you understand it better. There, you’ll see the photos of the victims, and they were identified not by their names, but by numbers. You’ll also see the victims’ skulls there.

Before you leave the place, you can see the 2 survivors detailing how they were tortured. I just felt sad for them…

National Museum of Cambodia
This place is near the Royal Palace and it’s just a walking distance. I just felt that I was not able to enjoy going to this place for 2 reasons – the place is so hot and not air-conditioned plus the fact that you cannot take photos inside.
Central Market
Wat Phnom