Macau Trip

Since Macau is just one ferry away, we decided to include this trip to our Hong Kong itinerary (For info on how to go via ferry, please refer to this link).

Macau has been a Portuguese colony before and now it is a Special Administrative Region of China. Currently, Macau is considered as the gambling capital in Asia because of its many casinos.

(Note: For the Macau budget, please refer to this link which includes the budget in Hong Kong.)

Accommodation – HK$ 797.40 for 1 night with free breakfast

We booked our hotel via TripAdvisor and we selected Best Western Hotel Sun Sun as there were lots of good reviews and the room photos looked cozy. There is also a bus stop nearby 7-11 and you can just walk there if you want to go to the other side of Macau. There, you’ll see the Macau Tower, The Venetian, Galaxy hotel, Hard Rock, and many others.

Ruins of St. Paul

The first thing that we did upon arrival was to go to the Ruins of St. Paul. Your trip must include a visit to this place as this is a popular tourist spot. The museum is just located on the right side of the Ruins. Before leaving don’t forget to try the egg tart that’s sold near the area. Near the place is also the Senado Square. We weren’t able to take much photos of that place as there was a demonstration happening at that time. But on the upside, there are lots of stalls that you can check if you want to buy souvenirs and other clothing apparel.

The Venetian Macao

Here, you’ll see different shops, shows, people in costume, casino, and many others. The food court is located at the upper floor while at the ground floor you can try the gondola.


Various photos taken in Macau

Different views of Macau Tower


  1. When you first reach Macau, some people will approach you and will offer you shuttle services. I would recommend that you take the underpass instead and go to the other side as you’ll find there free shuttle bus that goes to different hotels.
  2. Always bring your map that has Portuguese and Chinese words so that it is easy to show to the locals in case you need to ask for directions.
  3. You can travel in between hotels by taking the free shuttle bus.